19 year old sexy teen from Canada

Lindsey Marshal is 19 year old teen from Canada. She's still attending college but wants to become a dancer and model. That's why she started a softcore website to pay her bills. She also was a member of the well known cheerleader dance group called Raptors Girls. As soon as the Raptors found out about her nude site, she was fired from the cheerleading squad. You can read the the article here.

Well, Lindsey, don't be sad because we all like what you're doing and you have nothing to be ashamed of. Want to support Lindsey? Why not join her website.

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Some information about Lindsey Marshal:
Eyes: Green
Astrology Sign: Leo
Birthday: Aug. 5, 1984
Bra: 34B/C
Fantasy: Drizzled with caramel and hot fudge then licked from head to toe!
Favorite Clothes: As little as possible boys.
Lingerie I like: Lacy booty shorts
Sports: Basketball
Music: Hip hop, Top 40
Car: I'm waiting for you to buy me one!
What I want for my Birthday: A Million dollars!!
Places I want to go: Czech Republic, Greece and for some reason .. Bora Bora
Last Movie: Signs
What I hate the most in people: Boring people
Favorite Foods: Anything with Prawns but generally I love any kind of seafood.
What I'm most afraid of: Heights